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Why a Winter World Cup in Qatar Makes Sense

Football (also called Soccer) is widely believed to be the most played and the most watched sport on the planet. This makes the FIFA World Cup, held every four years, the second biggest sport event, after the Olympics. Hundreds of thousands turn up to the stadiums to watch the games with many more hundreds of millions watching on TV in every corner of the world. 32 teams from all over the globe take part in the biggest show of footballing talent in the world.

World Cups in Summers

FIFA World Cups have always taken place in summers. This is due to the fact that most nations who play and thus host these world cups have mild summers, perfect to play football in. However, for the first time a country with very hot summers has been chosen to host the world cup in 2022 - Qatar. Qatar is located in a desert which has very harsh summer temperatures, close to 50 °C. This makes it humanly impossible to play football in the summer.


As a solution to this problem, Qatar proposed to build air-conditioned stadiums, training facilities and accommodations. However, this only solves half the problem. World Cups attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world as spectators. These tourists-cum-spectators, in addition to players' and officials' families, guests etc. cannot all be provided air-conditioning everywhere they go. It can thus be safely said that a world cup cannot be held in Qatar in the summer.

Winter is the Solution

As a solution to this problem, it has been proposed by the Qatari authorities that the world cup be held in the winters. Now this will seriously affect the footballing schedules of leagues all around the world. Summers are usually off season for football clubs so a world cup in the summer is convenient in that regard, but a winter world cup wouldn't be so convenient. This proposal has faced criticism in many corners where the schedules will be the most disturbed.

It has been said that since Qatar can't hold a summer world cup, it should be stripped of the right of hosting at all. People saying this fail to notice that this event belongs to the whole world- hot countries as much as colder ones. So this argument doesn't have a lot of weight.

The only solution seems to be to organize a world cup in the winters and to adjust the schedules of the football leagues around the world around the winter world cup.